Azure Cloud

All the advantages of the cloud, with the convenience of a professional who takes care of the complex matters.


Microsoft Azure. Globally scalable, locally deployable

A managed public cloud? These are all the advantages of the cloud, with the peace of mind that everything is taken care of by a professional. Our specialists help your IT team to migrate safely and smoothly to the cloud, and then take care of the management. We maintain all parts of the infrastructure.


With its worldwide presence, Azure is the cloud platform par excellence for your international ambitions.


Use Azure in a managed collaboration without worries.


Meet your industry-specific standards by taking advantage of the certifications offered by the Microsoft Cloud.

The possibilities of Microsoft Azure Cloud

Looking for the possibilities of a managed public cloud environment?
It doesn’t have to be complicated, our engineer will explain it to you.

Like it’s your IT team

We work in tandem with your company. Our service desk engineers know your business – thanks to our managed approach. This way they can help you even faster.

Always the right expert

Our team consists of professionals in the public cloud. In this way, your project is always tackled by the most qualified person. And you are more sure that it will be swept off the track immediately.

Pro active

Our monitor detects problems 24/7. So preventive. Is something wrong? Then our engineers will check it and solve it for you right away. All before you even notice.

Control over budget

For a fixed amount per month per user, we ensure that everything continues to run for you. Even if something goes wrong and additional days of work are needed. This way you are never faced with surprises at the end of the quarter or year.


You get access to a personal webpage with an overview of your tickets, projects and invoices: your customer portal. On those real-time dashboards you can see what we do for you at any time.

Focus on safety

When it comes to cybersecurity, we are your strongest asset. We reduce the risk by focusing on training, advice and 24/7 monitoring.

What customers think of us

Leading companies rely on our expertise to prepare them for the new digital revolution.

Why choose Microsoft Azure Cloud?

At ease

Neither you nor your IT team have to worry about the complexities behind the cloud. Thanks to our managed approach, we take over everything from you. 24/7 monitoring, automatic updates and continuity plans: all included.

Not a cent too much

Our experts know the cloud landscape through and through. With that knowledge, they put together an inexpensive construction of computer services that really benefits your company.

Safety as a basis

Did you know that 95 percent of security breaches in the cloud are caused by the companies themselves? With an external administrator you can be sure that your data will remain under lock and key.

Transparent costs

Because we work with a fixed price per month, you have a clear view of your budget. Does the migration require significantly more work at your company than usual? Then we bear the responsibility, and therefore also the costs.

Azure, for so many reasons

At Direct, we rely on Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform.

The advantage? Your IT team gains access to the security, maintenance and compliance in which Microsoft continuously invests.

In addition, Azure is perfectly scalable. Suppose, for example, that you suddenly have to place a group of employees on technical unemployment. We will then advise you which cloud services you should drop, so that you spend your IT budget optimally and your company continues to perform.