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A cyber attack puts your company at risk. Are you willing to lose money, damage your reputation and more?
Put your mind at ease. Leave cybersecurity to Direct.

Avoid the inevitable

The average SME loses more than a million euros when hacked. We will help you prevent this.


Everyone is an expert

People are the weakest link. We train your employees so this doesn’t apply to you.


Grow with us

Technology evolves rapidly, as does cybercrime. We’ll keep you protected every step of the way.

What customers think of us

Leading companies rely on our expertise.


Peace of mind

We know exactly how to avoid attacks, stop them and repair any damage at lightning speeds. Put your mind at ease.


Preventing damage

Our 24/7 software monitoring detects hazards before they cause damage. We are constantly working to proactively secure and investigate irregularities.


Budget under control

For a fixed monthly fee, our team of cybersecurity experts is at your disposal. No more surprises at the end of the month.


Team of experts

Our cybersecurity experts learn and train everyday. Our Research & Development team keeps us informed about the latest technology and implements it.

Need help?

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