About us | Direct

We are Direct. An East Flemish IT company
– as we say ourselves: Managed Security and Service Partner (MSSP) –
that helps SMEs strategically with their technology, and thus also their growth.


Our reason for being

After more than 15 years of joint experience with both large and small IT players, our founders started out on their own. New digital developments required a new approach and mindset. Workplaces evolved. The needs of entrepreneurs, growing companies and their employees had become more complicated, but the infrastructure to support them did not follow this trend.

Technology is not the solution for Direct. It is a tool that can lead to strategic success, if used in the right way. That is why we opted for a managed services model in which we unburden companies of their critical systems and in which we focus on the digital elements that give them a competitive advantage.

“Our purpose is to envision the future, align the technology and drive value with and for our customers.”

With a team of dedicated specialists, we started our battle against reactive, slow, inefficient and complex IT. Eight years later and supported by the confidence of more than 50 leading companies, our mission stays the same.

Direct, your cloud and managed service provider

IT plays two important roles.
IT is needed for continuity and stability, and IT contributes to your competitive advantage.

Until recently, it was the job of the internal IT team to fulfill both roles. An almost impossible task.

As a Cloud and Managed Service Provider, we unburden companies of (a number of) their IT tasks. The result? A more decisive IT team that can count on support from outside experts.




Projects completed

Average ticket resolution time


French fries eaten

The path to technological success.

Discover the three unique factors which make the difference for your company.


Let technology do the heavy lifting

Private or public cloud? Remote or local? Maybe just hybrid after all? No matter how you want to work tomorrow, we ensure that your company gets the most out of its technology. With a strong focus on cloud-oriented solutions, our strategic consultants and experienced project engineers are your ideal travel companion.

Opt for modular simplicity

Your organization is unique. A “one size fits all” approach will not work for you. At Direct, we therefore exchange the overcomplex for simple modular solutions that really benefit you.

A level of service you expect from an in-house IT team

Solving problems, answering questions or providing advice: Technology plays such a crucial role in your organization that you don’t have time to wait. That is why we have set up our service desk in such a way that you get the feeling that our support engineers are part of your own team.

Our service engineers don’t stop until it’s fixed.


Service Desk Engineer