Friday guide day: The do’s within cybersecurity.

At Direct, we closely monitor technological evolutions in the MSP landscape. For several years now, we have been focusing on Cybersecurity. We have made the switch from “Managed Service Provider” (MSP) to “Managed Security Service Provider” (MSSP). Do you want to be sure of a safe 2022? Then take a closer look at your company with 1 of our assessments by experts.

Security has become the focus of everything we do. This focus has an important reason: we see the security of our customers as our own security.

Cyber Security is becoming more and more complex by the day. As a strategic partner, we take on a lot of responsibilities that have an impact on the environment of our customers. This ensures that our focus, knowledge and expertise is very strong to prioritize cyber security. From this background, we would like to share with you some things that we deem necessary. Necessary for you, your SME and your environment.

An assessment gets you started, but what exactly is this?